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National Public Seating - SLT3060 30" x 60" Science / Lab Table

The National Public Seating SLT3060 Science / Lab table is built with solid hardwood legs and aprons. The table tops are made with chemical and water resistant "Chem - Res" high pressure laminate on a 1-1/8" thick core. This table features two built in book compartments; and also includes a solid oak apron front for non-book compartment assembly. All tables are outfitted with liquid-protecting leg boots and adjustable glides. Legs attach with metal on metal, double bolt through assembly. This table is 30" x 60" x 30"h.

Table Features:

- High pressure "Chem Resistant" laminate top
- 1 - 1/8" top core
- Solid oak legs and apron
- Dual book compartments (solid oak apron front for non-book compartment assembly)
- Legs - 2-1/4" square hardwood
- Rubber liquid protecting boots 
- Adjustable glides
- Black top with natural oak legs and apron

NPS-SLT3060 - 30 x 60 Science - Lab Table




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