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Folding Cafeteria Tables

Cafeteria spaces, like gyms, are often considered to be so-called ‘flex’ spaces, providing other uses beyond its designated role. When not being used for lunch, cafeterias can be turned into a meeting area or a space for the science fair, and thus often requires the removal of numerous heavy pieces of furniture. One solution that has become prevalent in many schools is the adoption of folding cafeteria tables as the primary type of furniture in lunchrooms.

Fixed and permanent school lunch tables are a thing of the past. There was a time when it took several people to move a table and bench set, and there weren’t many options as to where they could be stored. Today’s folding cafeteria tables by brands such as Virco can be quickly folded into a vertical unit by one person, and then easily moved out of the room on built-in casters. Steel metal frames are constructed to withstand continual use, and high-density laminated tabletops can handle all types of stains, marks, high-temperature spills and anything else you can imagine. Choose a 10-foot or 12-footlong model, a bench style table, or a table that features individual stools.

Folding Cafeteria Table

The ideal school cafeteria table is only a phone call away. A sales representative at A&M Church and School Furniture will provide detailed information regarding the advantages of a folding cafeteria table and walk you through the sizes and pricing options that are currently available. There is no better way to ensure that you purchase the lunch table that will meet the demand of your school for years to come.

To find out more about folding cafeteria tables by Virco, contact A&M Church and School Furniture today.