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Stackable Church Chairs

There are many advantages to having folding chairs at your church, but they are not a permanent solution. As your congregation grows, you may need to use such temporary forms of seating in order to accommodate new members, but a set of well-padded, durable church chairs is essential to any well-designed place of worship. The stackable church chairs at A&M Church and School Furniture offer high quality seating as well as a space saving option.

Unlike folding chairs, stackable church chairs are built to withstand years of heavy duty use, easily support more weight and will also continue to look new for a longer period of time. The ComforTek Multi-Purpose Series in particular is impressive, as it offers a design that not only allows for vertical stacking, but also allows chairs to be connected side by side in a bench configuration. Wide, 19-inch seating allows for plenty of personal space for most people. For more affordability, A&M Church and School Furniture also offers several plastic stackable chair options as well.

Church Chairs Stacking

A&M Church and School Furniture specializes in outfitting churches with all of their furniture needs, and offers a robust collection of stackable church chairs. Place an order for as few or as many as you want, and sales representatives will offer the most competitive prices possible as well as incentives like a purchasing program and free shipping and installation in the Southern California area.

For more information about stackable church chairs by ComforTek and A&M, contact A&M Church and School Furniture today.