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Genesis 7 Wall Mount Skateboard Rack $753.50
The Genesis 7 is your wall mounted skateboard security rack. This unit easily mounts to any masonry brick, block or concrete wall surface; and once installed it safely secures up to 7 skateboards. Wall mounting is ideal when space is a premium, you don't want to obstruct walkways and sidewalks, or appropriate concrete floor surfaces aren't available. In addition, wall mounting the Genesis 7 gives you the freedom to mount the rack at the ideal height for your users - lower for youngsters, and higher for teens. Plus, this is the skateboard rack for you if you need to store and secure several skateboards. You can mount several Genesis 7's in a fairly small area (by mounting them above and below one another, and side-by-side) to maximize the wall space. For example, you could mount 4 Genesis 7's on a wall taking up a 6 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide area and secure 28 skateboards total! Maximum efficiency, cost effective, safe and durable!

Rack Features-12"w x 12" d x 30"h
-Secures 7 Skateboards
-Wall Mounted
-12 Year Warranty
-Zinc Platted

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