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Plastic Folding Tables

Lightweight, convenient and easy to manage, plastic folding tables are an excellent way to add necessary surface space without committing to fixed and permanent solutions. Whether you are a church, school or event venue, A&M Church and School Furniture offers an extensive selection of tables from the lightweight to the heavy-duty, and will be able to guide you to the product that best fulfills your needs and budget.

The advantage of a plastic folding table comes from the virtually indestructible molded top, which is waterproof and resistant to a bevy of chemicals. Plastic folding tables will also be much more manageable when it comes to transportation, and models built by companies like Atlas and Correll and Virco can function as everything from buffet tables to meeting tables and much more. ABS plastic folding tables by Virco are even more rugged products and feature extruded aluminum frames for enhanced support. Choose a rectangular plastic table that goes up to 96-inches in length, or find a round table that maxes out at 72-inches in diameter.

Plastic Folding Tables

If plastic folding tables are part of your furniture acquisition list, then folding chairs may also be of interest. Plastic folding chairs may seem to be the most appropriate match, but there is also a range of options to choose from including traditional metal chairs and resin chairs. Plastic and resin may be the most waterproof and ideal for outdoor events, but for enhanced comfort there are even metal folding chairs that feature built in upholstered seats and backs.

Start your search for plastic folding tables with a representative from A&M Church and School Furniture today. California Customers can choose form one of our delivery and installation options. We personally deliver to our local California Customers and give the option of assembly, installation and placement of all items. Contact for details and further information.

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