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Folding Tables

High quality folding tables are an investment that will last. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and materials, they can easily transform from a work surface to a buffet table, makeshift bar and much more. While they are mostly known as temporary pieces of furniture that are collapsible and easily stored, many buyers have also realized they are also durable enough for daily use. At A&M Church and School Furniture, you have the opportunity to find the best folding table created by the most respected manufacturers in the industry today.

Buyers looking for folding tables will find everything from plywood core tables to particle core and plastic tables. Plywood tables and particle core tables are intended for heavy-duty use, and are ideal for commercial situations. Plastic folding tables are an excellent option for general purposes, as they are more lightweight than their wood and metal counterparts and are a breeze to clean and store. Aluminum framed ABS plastic tables however can rival the heft of wood-based tables. No matter what you choose, all folding table have been designed to be easy to unfold, lock in place and handle any task put before them.

Folding Tables

A&M Church and School Furniture specializes in all types of folding tables, for every need and budget. Ask about how the right folding table can be great for a wide range of uses at home, at the office or on the go. There is also a selection of school folding tables that is specially made to endure the wear and tear of continual use.

To begin your search for the best folding table, connect with a representative at A&M Church and School Furniture today. California Customers can choose form one of our delivery and installation options. We personally deliver to our local California Customers and give the option assembly, installation and placement of all items. Contact for details and further information.

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