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Metal Folding Chairs

Those ubiquitous metal folding chairs have truly come a long way. Since the mid-20th Century, they have developed from simple pieces of conjoined metal to thoughtfully designed folding chairs, And now even hybrid products that offer upholstered surface and high end finishes . A&M Church and School Furniture features a diverse selection of folding metal chairs that can meet a range of needs and goals.

When choosing folding chairs, it will be useful to consider your needs first. If you are looking for a low cost but durable solution, standard metal folding chairs are best. Heavy-duty models will feature an extra brace on its rear legs, and can be more effective in higher traffic situations. Some chairs feature tablet arms that serve as a convenient writing surface. For longer periods of sitting, some sort of upholstery is a must, and there are both vinyl padded and fabric. Ask about brands like Virco that have manufactured the most durable metal fording chairs for decades.

Metal Folding Chair

But a metal folding chair is not a solution for every occasion. A&M Church and School Furniture also offers options such as Chiavari chairs, which are made of high quality and eco-friendly bamboo and specifically designed for upscale events and formal gatherings. There are also stacking chairs, banquet chairs and church chairs that may be more in tune with the type of seating you are looking for.

To find out more about whether metal folding chairs are right for your needs, contact a representative at A&M Church and School Furniture today.California Customers can choose form one of our delivery and installation options. We personally deliver to our local California Customers and give the option assembly, installation and placement of all items. Contact for details and further information.

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