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Student Desk Chairs

An average student spends the majority of their day sitting in school. So when choosing student desk chairs, shouldn’t comfort be the number one priority? It is the utmost responsibility of school administrators to create an environment that is conducive for learning, and a high quality chair is the anchor for any effective collection of school furniture. A&M Church and School Furniture offers several options that are the perfect combination of style, functionality and price.

Of all classroom furniture products, desk chairs come in the widest variety, as every classroom may present different requirements and challenges. A heavy-duty chair like the Virco 3000 is stain-resistant and perfect for art and shop classes. Ergonomic models like the Virco Metaphor are designed for maximum comfort. The Virco Zuma Series with cantilever legs will impress schools that aim to breathe life into drab classrooms. Desk and chair combos are also available, and are the perfect solution for when there is not enough space in the classroom for separate desks and chairs.

Student Desk Chairs

Since 1999, A&M Church and School Furniture has grown from a renowned furniture vendor for churches and schools in Southern California to one of the leading school furniture suppliers for the entire nation. Their collection of Virco student desk chairs is among the most extensive and the company’s robust inventory can easily supply an order of any size.

To learn more about how choosing the right student desk chairs can make a difference, connect with A&M Church and School Furniture today.


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